About Us

The Technology Hub is one of just 9 Ministry of Education preferred suppliers for the Strengthening Digital Technologies project.  We offer Training Solutions, Resources and Consultancy for the Education sector in the teaching and learning of Digital Technologies.

We specialise in these key areas:

  • Curriculum planning and teacher professional development that promotes digital fluency for Kiwi learners through the creative and innovative use of computing and new technologies.
  • Best practice IT Infrastructure Management Training to leverage maximum value from school IT using the Framework for ICT Technical Support (FITS)

Our Portfolio includes:

Our Class Sets are designed to promote collaboration

Our Raspberry Pi bundles are available to order online in class sets of 15 ONLY. We recommend this approach as it is affords a sustainable solution suitable for a class of up to 30 children and one-between-two encourages pair (peer) programming and collaboration.

If you require less (or more) sets for your learners, please contact us and we will be very happy to help.